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March Newsletter 2023

Updated: Sep 18, 2023


See what Essex has been up to this month! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Every month we post to our social accounts but sometimes, that gets lost in the massive amounts of content found online at any given moment. Keep up to date with us in our blogs and monthly newsletters.

Here's what you'll find in this newsletter:

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Top Loan Officers & Employee Spotlight



Top Loan Officers from last month:

Belinda Price, Jake McDonald, and Francesca Karacsonyi


"The communication is what I was looking for as a first time homebuyer and Belinda definitely delivered."

-Joe D., VA


"Jake was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was honest and upfront about everything which was exactly what I asked for. I couldn't have been more satisfied with my experience with Jake and Essex as a first time home buyer."

-Felicia W., AZ


"Francesca was amazing! We especially appreciated all the communication and explanations every step of the way. She kept us informed on the details and made sure the process was seamless for us. We really appreciate her expertise and professionalism."

-Amanda, M., NV


Employee Spotlight:

Chantal | Customer Experience Specialist

Question: How long have you worked at Essex?

Answer: 1 year and 3 months

Question: Why do you like working at Essex?

Answer: I like that my feelings matter and my team is behind me with support and encouragement. My management does their best to keep morale up and remind us that our hard work is appreciated and brings growth to Essex.

Question: What's a fun fact of yours?

Answer:I am obsessed with mermaids and the ocean, but I am scared to swim in the ocean because of sharks. I would not make a very good mermaid.

Question: What are your favorite Sunday activity?

Answer: On Sundays, I like to either cuddle in bed with my furbabies and watch anime (currently watching Naruto Shippuden) or spend time with my family on our farm.

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About Essex Mortgage

community spotlight: 1Mission

1Mission is a philanthropy that supports those that experience poverty through providing safe and secure housing. To this day, 1Mission has built over 1,000 houses, giving 4,768 people experiencing housing insecurity a place to live and call home. They create sustainable solutions to poverty by allowing those that stay in their shelters to be active participants in their development through community service in exchange for housing.

If you would like to learn more or donate to 1Mission, click the link to learn more:

(Photo from


our story

Hailing from Essex, England, Roland Weedon founded Essex Mortgage in 1986. With a background in education, Roland remained adamant that educating the client wouId be the company's #1 priority. Today, Roland still holds to the fact that an educated client is best quipped to make decisions that are not only in their best interest, but also help in achieving both short and Iong-term goaIs.

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Mortgage Education


The job of the real estate appraiser is to do a thorough inspection of the property that you are purchasing and determine the fair market value. In addition to the inspection of the property, appraisers also take into account the sales of similar homes that recently sold within a certain radius.


Collateral is a property or any other asset that the borrower offers that can be used as a security for a debt. In the case of a mortgage, the collateral is the house and the land. If the borrower stops making payments, the lender can take hold of the house and land to recover losses on the loan.

closing representative

Closing representatives are either title companies or real estate attorneys that oversee the closing process. They are there to ensure that the closing goes smoothly by recording all closing documents and dispersing money to the appropriate individuals and organizations. Once their job is finished and closing is complete, you will get the keys to your new dream home.

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