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upfront cost. While we are waiting for the appraisal report to be completed, the Processing department will review your file and you will be contacted by either the loan officer or the processor for any additional documents needed in order to move the file to underwriting.



Once all outstanding items are gathered, the file can be moved to underwriting where your application will be examined and a credit decision issued. During this time, it is imperative that you be available to collect any necessary additional documentation, should any be requested. Also, please avoid any large purchases or transfers of funds into or out of any of your accounts. If additional documents were needed, your file will go back to underwriting for final approval. After underwriting completes the final approval, we can then issue your final disclosures. Based on federal regulations, we can close 3 days after you acknowledge receipt of the aforementioned disclosures.



Before the signing of the final loan documents, we will clear any closing conditions. Generally speaking, these will include such things as final employment verification and proof of homeowner’s insurance. Once all closing conditions have been met, it is time to sign the documents. If this is your primary residence, you will have a 3 day Right of Rescission before the transaction is complete. Second homes and investment properties do not have this rescission period. Once 3 business days have passed, your refinance is complete.

Consultation & Application
The very first step is to consult with a licensed Essex loan officer. We will review your financial profile and determine what loan product helps you achieve your long-term goals. Once we determine the program that best suits these goals, you will apply for a new mortgage loan by completing a mortgage loan application. This can be done either on-line, in person or over the telephone.


Once we receive your fully executed mortgage loan application with supporting documents, we will issue disclosures and then the loan will go into processing. At the same time, a title report will be ordered. Once you have acknowledged your disclosures, we will collect a credit card to pay for an appraisal. This is the only

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