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Looking to learn more? Talk to an Essex Mortgage Professional. 


Unlike traditional mortgages, a reverse mortgage is designed to help borrowers 62 or older gain access to the equity in their primary home that has been building over the years. Instead of paying a mortgage every month, a reverse mortgage pays you, either in a lump sum, monthly payments or as a line of credit. You can even choose a combination of all 3!


With a reverse, you defer monthly payments on your mortgage. The amount you owe then becomes a lien on the property and any equity you choose to receive is added to that lien, with interest. You are still responsible for taxes, insurance and property maintenance.


This unique mortgage is a great tool to gain access to your home’s equity. However, it is not for everyone, and depending on your financial goals, it might not be for you. Our reverse mortgage experts can help you decide if one is right for you.

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