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Mobile phone with the Essex Mortgage logo wearing a graduation cap on the screen.


Empowering Your Mortgage Journey: Expert Tips for Smooth Servicing Ahead!


Boost Your Credit Score: Tips and Benefits for Essex Borrowers

As an Essex homeowner, you are already on the path to financial stability. Did you know that your mortgage payments can also be a powerful tool for improving your credit score? Read more...


Understanding Your Escrow Analysis: Why Your Payment Can Change

Your escrow account is a vital tool in managing your property-related expenses. It’s designed to help you by spreading out the cost of your taxes and insurance over the entire year, rather than requiring you to come up with a large lump sum payment all at once. Read more...

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Don't Fall for Mortgage Scams: Protecting Yourself and Your Home

In the world of homeownership, understanding how to safeguard yourself against potential mortgage scams is crucial. Read more...

Wooden house trinket with "FHA Loan" written on it.

Unlock the Value: Your FHA Mortgage Boosts Your Home’s Appeal When You Sell

Thinking about selling your home? Well, here’s a secret weapon you might not know about – your FHA mortgage. Read more...

A key, pair of glasses, pen, and calculator resting on mortgage insurance papers.

Understanding Your Insurance Policy and the Importance of the Mortgagee Clause

As part of our ongoing commitment to our valued borrowers, Essex Mortgage is dedicated to providing essential information to ensure a smooth and seamless mortgage experience. Read more...

Servicing team member reviewing a borrower's payment history.

Smooth and Convenient: Why Recurring Payments with Essex Mortgage Reigns Supreme

Managing mortgage payments can sometimes feel like juggling multiple balls at once. Remembering due dates, finding the time to pay, and ensuring funds are readily available can add unnecessary stress to your already busy life. Read more...

Servicing team member and borrower discussing mortgage assistance options.

Facing Mortgage Challenges? Let's Find Solutions Together!

Life can be unpredictable, and sometimes circumstances beyond our control can lead to financial difficulties, including falling behind on mortgage payments. Read more...

Small green house in a field of grass.

Going Green: Embrace the Convenience of eStatements with Essex Mortgage!

In a world where technology is rapidly advancing, Essex Mortgage is proud to announce a significant step towards sustainability and convenience. Introducing eStatements. Read more...

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