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Why Choose Essex Mortgage?

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

We get it, there are tons of choices out there for your next mortgage. But, let us tell you why you should consider us and why we think we're your best option.

Why choose Essex?


Essex Mortgage was established in 1986. Since then, we have been completely staffed with like-minded mortgage professionals whose priorities align with ours and who share in the philosophy expressed in our mission and vision.

We strive to provide every employee with an environment of support where success becomes simple. This is how our mortgage loan officers have developed and serviced our clients - generations of them – over the past 3 decades.

Here at Essex, our dedication shows in our interactions with everyone.

Simply put, our Essex Family is honored to take care of your family and has been since day one.

OUR MISSION is to build a company of professionals who will provide our clients with expertise, education and financial literacy on the largest investment of their life.

OUR VISION is to become a company that's nationally recognized for the positive effect it has on our consumers, employees, business partners and communities.


Here at Essex, we pride ourselves on being your go to mortgage company. We have more branches than our leading competitor, more loan officers, more years experience, and more states we are licensed in.

While our leading competitor may promote themselves as the best, it's clear here that Essex has the experience and the people to make your loan experience seamless and understandable!

Bar graph comparing Essex Mortgage vs. a top competitor.


How do we compare against all other mortgage companies out there? Well, let's see:

At Essex, we are in the top 25% of mortgage companies within the US. We have a high production amount but not just that, we have 95% perfect reviews! Essex Mortgage is 100% invested in you and our reviews prove that. We are dedicated to making sure that you know the choices you have and are well informed on what mortgage will fit your needs.


From start to finish, our goal is always to get you your loan within a reasonable amount of time. If everything goes as planned, we try our best to get your loan to you within 40 days or less! Check out this funding timeline below for a few more details about the process.

Funding timeline starting at prequal and ending at funded.


We love our clients and they love us! See what some of them have to say about Essex below.

"We just finished closing on the sale of our house and Essex mortgage was great to work with. From a communication perspective, [they] helped to ensure I was getting done the things I needed to do and in a timely manner. [They were] timely with [their] responses to my questions. Loved working with Essex Mortgage!" - Pam J.
"I had a great experience with Essex Mortgage and the team that help us buy our home, the process was not stressful everyone was 3 steps ahead and very knowledgeable, professional, friendly and the experience was also educational. Kudos for such a great job with the best experts in the mortgage business." - JNL Miranda
"The communication, planning, and transparency of the whole process were excellent. We greatly appreciate the service. I pray we are fortunate enough to keep working with you on many more deals in the future. Thanks again!" - Peter F.
"They supported us throughout the whole home buying experience. It’s a blessing to have someone that understands that buying a home is a lot of work and will go the extra mile to help you navigate the process." - Tommy W.

Looking for a Loan Officer or more help with mortgage information? Find an Essex Mortgage loan officer near you by clicking here!

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